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"I purchased this book to give to my teenage son to read. Although it appears as a children's book, this wonderful and simple masterpiece has a powerful message for both children, teenagers and adults alike.

I read the book before giving it to my son, and felt it's stories inspired a feeling of love and purpose that we need in daily life, but somehow gets lost in our hectic and material daily activities. If everyone were to take the messages from this book and live this way, the world would be so much more fulfilling for us all. Read this book, give it as a gift, spread the love."
Tracy Lamb




"There is no literature material that teaches children life's values in this form to children in today's marketplace.

This book should become part of the curriculum in every school. It teaches great lessons and builds integrity, empathy and values in young minds.

A must have book for parents!"
Lisa Szczepanik, teacher and Consultant for Educational Services


"Wow, have read many books over the years but not like this. The author not only has a real insight into life, but a brilliant transfer of words and story into understandable easy to re-explain adventures of integrity and truth.

My boy is 3 1/2 now and said to me the other day, "Dad, this flower has a big smell... and this flower is a nice colour... this one does not have any flowers... but I love all of them dad". Priceless.

Don't think there is an age group for a book like this. If schools had a subject called integrity then this book could be the teaching content"
- GA, Aus



“I cannot tell you what a joy it has been to get this series of books into my home. As a loving mom and author I am always looking for books that entertain, educate, and open up opportunities for conversations with my daughter.

The Legends of Altai series does just that. Every tale in the book takes you away to a story that is amazing and thoughtful. This one is a must for every child’s collection and adults too!”
Jill McKellan author of Brophey’s Forest Adventures



“An inspiring book that has the power to help children become better, wiser, more compassionate human beings.” Glenn Adams – Public Speaker, Business Coach to Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Kenworth amongst others, but more importantly father of three.



“These beautifully crafted, uplifting stories are deceptively simple, but contain deep wisdom. A must have book for all the children in your life and also for the child within you.” Frances Wilks, author of 'Intelligent Emotion’


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