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Giving Young Readers a Mind-Set, Attitude Makeover


The Legends of Altai is a fictional book helping children with poor self-image and behavioral issues to improve their lives through easy to read stories that children love and understand.

It is written by a Melbourne based public speaker and educator, Paolo Tiberi.

Intolerance, arrogance, impatience, bullying are now the sad norm in families and schools. Children yelling at their parents, expecting everything like it is their right and not a privilege to receive gifts.

“Violent behavior in schools is increasing but we lack the resources to deal with it properly,” said Gabrielle Leigh, President of the Principal Association for Victoria.*3

In today’s society children are being unconsciously trained to disassociate themselves from feelings of compassion, accountability, empathy or respect. False heroes found in most video games, television shows, internet and movies reinforce this silent training.

"By the time a child has reached 6 years of age, their mindset and character has been formed and hardwired in their brain. Any government initiative and program to resolve behavioral issues after the age of 6 is fighting against an already formed personality. It gets harder as they are going against the current. The best way to deal with the problem is to build them a solid foundation before the age of 6,” says Tiberi

Book 1 in the Legends of Altai series, contains 8 tales of wisdom and values that contain an inspiring combination of philosophy, ancient wisdom and storytelling.

"There is no literature material that teaches children life’s values in this form to children in today's marketplace. This book should become part of the curriculum in every school. It teaches great lessons, builds integrity, empathy and values in young minds. A must have book for parents!" Lisa Szczepanik, Teacher and Consultant for Educational Services

The Legends of Altai is intended as a ‘Life Manual’ for children and has been described as 'The Secret’ meets ‘The Alchemist’ and the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul' rolled into one.

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