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Please note that a combination of the below topics can be created for your event, creating a completely new event. Alternatively you could decide to keep Paolo's contribution in the same format as his already structured events.

Topics that can be discussed are:


Keynote and Workshop Topics


Time Management

Stress Management

Change Management

Customer Service

Global Economy And Innovation

The Performace Paradox (Company Profit V Employees Sattisfaction)

The Power of Compounded Efforts

Sales & Customer Retantion

Innovative Thinking and Utilizing your own Employees Think-Tank


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Self-Awarness Related Topics


The Science of Creative Manifestation
     (Taking 'The Secret' to the next level)

Some of the topics covered:
The Quantum Field and the Observer
Unlimited Potential follows Intent
Mental Creation (Practical Exercise)
The Non-Local Self
Telepathy (Practical Exercise)
Zero Point Field
Holographic Universe & Holographic Self
Wave Frequency and Signature Resonance
Duality Spectrum of Resonance
Duality & The Laws of Attraction & Evolution
Morphogenic Field of Resonance & Resonance Tuning
The Science of Creative Manifestation
Quantum Linguistic
The Now
Manifesting your Desires Visualisation (Practical Exercise)
Conclusion & where from now…
And much more...



Quantum Healing, the Science of Miracle Healing

Some of the topics covered:
The Biology of Evolution
The Cell as a Conscious Entity
Mind and Cellualr Inteligence
The power of visualization in healing
Life Methaphors and Illness
Inner Gauges
Genetic Propensities
Wave Frerquency and Signature Resonance
Multiple Personality Disorders and changing “Neuronet Neighbourhood”
The power of the Mind - Placebo Effect
The science of Miracle Healing
Preventing illness
The language of illness & disease
Healing the body
Conclusion & where from now…
And much more...



Past Lives, Reincarnation & Designing a New Future

Some of the topics covered:
Reincarnation in History and Religion
Reincarnation Videos
Viewing life from a Soul Prospective
Time Lines of Destiny
Time Line Video Clips
Past Lives Viewing - See Past Lives in others with your own eyes! (Practical Exercise)
Polarities and Future Lives pre-destination
What is being an obstacle in your life so far? (Practical Exercise)
Changing your future and dissolving polarities
Multiple Personality Disorders and changing “Neuronet Neighbourhood”
Bringing your “Future Self” in this now…
New Self “Meditation” (Practical Exercise)
Final Question & Answers
Conclusion & where from now…
And much more...



Awaken and Grow your 'Sixth' Sense:

Some of the topics covered:

PAST LIFE VIEWING: See other people Past Lives with your own physical eyes! CLAIRVOYANCE: The ability to gain information as ‘knowingness’ about people, places, things, times and events through means other than the known human senses.

CLAIRAUDIENCE: The ability to perceive auditory messages in regards to people, places, things, times and events beyond the realm of normal hearing.

PSYCHOMETRY: (Psychometry, is a form of psychic ability that allows people to “read” the hidden story of an object or/and the story of the owner of the object by holding the object in their hands)

TELEPATHY: The ability to transfer mental information, such as thoughts, ideas or emotions between individuals by means other than the five classical senses.

REMOTE VIEWING: Remote Viewing (RV), refers to the attempt to gather information about a distant or unseen target using paranormal means or extra-sensory perception.

ARCHETYPE READING: You’ll also learn how to “Read” a person life at present by using Archetype drawing.




The True Meaning of Relationships and Partnerships

Some of the topics covered:
The true meaning of Relationships
Life Journey and Polarities
The Outside as a reflection of the inside
Finding yourself, finding your soul companion
Life Partnership
Love, Lust, Creation and Mind
Attracting the Right Partner
And much more...



Permaculture for Small Back-Yards

Some of the topics covered:
How to be Self Sufficent in Small Backyards
Appling the Permaculture Principle in a small scale
Food to Cultivate
Seasonal Growing
The Circle of Production
And much more...





Paolo can be booked anywhere in the world. Please note that if public speaking arrangements are organised for an event outside Melbourne Australia, proper accommodation, travel expenses and meal allowances need to be included in the booking arrangement.

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