BOOK I - Tales Lessons




1. The King and the Thief:
You can't judge others until you live and experience their struggles, life perceptions and understood the way they view life.


2. King Argoz and the Wisdom of the Blue Violet:
Everyone is the way they are (physically, mentally, etc…) because they have lessons to learn and a purpose to fulfill. By understanding our place in this world we can plan our lives accordingly to make our existence a more fulfilling one, rather than one of chaos and struggle.


3. The Merchant Learns a Life Lesson:
Life is about being happy within yourself. Although having money helps, true happiness comes when a sense of purpose, love and creative impulse are present. It all comes from within. That’s why there are poor people who are extremely happy and others, although very wealthy that are miserable.


4. The King and the Miraculous Healing:
The biggest disability is a closed heart and a closed mind. Life is full of potentials even when you think your life is worthless because of physical or environmental limitations. Your mind, heart and spirit have the power to overcome any obstacles.


5. King Argoz and the Street Girl:
Every person in this world matters, no one should be left out. A small help from everyone goes a long way to help someone have a better life.

6. Princess Maya's Plan:
Life is all about our inner perception and attitude as they reflect our inner mind-set. Make it a point to let the people in your life feel appreciated, loved and recognized for their contributions in your life.

7. King Ultan and His 3 Sons - Download this story now:
Everyone has a purpose and is crucial in the scheme of life. Respect others. A small idea can make an incredible impact on other's lives. You can make a difference.

8. Looking Inside:
Happiness starts from within. We spend most of our life looking for happiness by accumulating material things to build a sense of peace and security without remembering that true happiness comes from within.



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