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LEGENDS OF ALTAI is the first book of its kind that teaches important life lessons to children (5 to 12+ years old) and adults through storytelling.

The book consists of 8 tales that are told in a very easy to follow format that are appropriate for all ages, gender, social background and culture. They contain an inspiring combination of philosophy, ancient wisdom, and storytelling. They are presented in a completely accessible way that makes even the most profound concepts easily understood.

Each one of these amazing 8 tales has a specific purpose, lesson and message that builds up the reader’s confidence and life understanding whilst equiping them with tools to overcome everyday life’s challenges.

The book is 168 pages long and contain 51 illustrations, 8 tales, and a small bibliography. See Chapter summary below.

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Publication Date:Oct 08 2010

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Cengage and Wooldriges Australia is currently in the process of reviewing the book for distribuition in schools Australia Wide. The book would be printed in a special edition, which contains a Teacher/Parent manual and a Student Work book (an extra 125 pages).

The first book in the series (paperback) attached, is currently on sale via its official website www.legendsofaltai.com and on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Create Space and can be ordered in Borders stores.

No other distribuition has been organised for bookstores.

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- An important Letter to Parents
- How to get the best out of this book
- About Altai

1. The King and the Thief:
2. King Argoz and the Wisdom of the Blue Violet:
3. The Merchant Learns a Life Lesson:
4. The King and the Miraculous Healing:
5. King Argoz and the Street Girl:
6. Princess Maya's Plan:
7. King Ultan and His 3 Sons
8. Looking Inside

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- An important Letter to Parents
This Introduction explains why this book is so vital for children development to parents.

- How to get the best out of this book
Set up some tips on how to best use the book and provides tools for parents.

- About Altai
A small description about the Altai region and Legends.

Every tale teaches a lesson. Below is a summary of the lessons contained in each tale.

1. The King and the Thief:
You can't judge others until you live and experience their struggles and have an understanding of their perceptions in life.

2. King Argoz and the Wisdom of the Blue Violet:
Everyone is the way they are (physically, mentally, etc…) because they have lessons to learn and a purpose to fulfill. By understanding our place in this world we can plan our lives accordingly to make our existence a more fulfilling one, rather than one of chaos and struggle.

3. The Merchant Learns a Life Lesson:
Life is about being happy within yourself. Although having money helps, true happiness comes when a sense of purpose, love and creative impulse are present. It all comes from within. That’s why there are people who have very little, but are extremely happy, while are miserable.

4. The King and the Miraculous Healing:
The biggest disability is a closed heart and a closed mind. Life is full of potentials even when you think your life is worthless because of physical or environmental limitations. Your mind, heart and spirit have the power to overcome any obstacles.

5. King Argoz and the Street Girl:
Every person in this world matters, no one should be left out. A small help from everyone goes a long way to help someone have a better life.

6. Princess Maya's Plan:
Life is all about our inner perception and attitude as they reflect our inner mind-set. Make it a point to let the people in your life feel appreciated, loved and recognized for their contributions in your life.

7. King Ultan and His 3 Sons - Download this story now:
Everyone has a purpose and is crucial in the scheme of life. Respect others. A small idea can make an incredible impact on other's lives. You can make a difference.

8. Looking Inside:
Happiness starts from within. We spend most of our life looking for happiness by accumulating material things to build a sense of peace and security without remembering that true happiness comes from within.

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Tools to use with this book for Teachers and Parents

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- Author's Biography
A small biography about the author

- Special Thanks
A thank you note to the people that have participated in editing and helping with the book



“This book will appeal to children aged 5 to 12+, young adults and more importantly, parents. This is because parents have a genuine interest in helping their child develop into better human beings, and equip them with tools to enable them to think and make decisions for themselves.

This contention is supported by parents' and teachers' feedback of the book.

“I cannot tell you what a joy it has been to get this series of books into my home. As a loving mom and author I am always looking for books that entertain, educate, and open up opportunities for conversations with my daughter. The Legends of Altai series does just that. Every tale in the book takes you away to a story that is amazing and thoughtful. This one is a must for every child’s collection and adult too!” Jill McKellan author of Brophey’s Forest Adventures

"There is no literature material that teaches children life values in this form to children in today's marketplace. This book should become part of the curriculum in every school. It teaches great lessons and builds integrity, empathy and values in young minds. A must have book for parents!" Lisa Szczepanik, Teacher and Consultant for Educational Services

“These beautifully crafted, uplifting stories are deceptively simple, but contain deep wisdom. A must have book for all the children in your life and also for the child within you.” Frances Wilks, author of 'Intelligent Emotion’

“An inspiring book that has the power to help children become better, wiser, more compassionate human beings.” Glenn Adams – Public Speaker, Business Coach to Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Kenworth amongst others, but more importantly father of three."


“By the time a child has reached 6 years of age, his/her neurological synapses and neuro-pathways have been formed. This neurological map within a child 's brain creates their mindset, attitude and how they will see themselves and others in life. While they gain more experiences, knowledge and wisdom after the age of 6, their character and personality would have already been formed and hardwired in their brain.

It is, therefore, vitally important for adults help shape children's receptive mind and character into one that has values, morals, compassion, empathy, courage and respect.

The future of our society and this planet depends upon this task. We cannot have a healthy and functional society with dysfunctional children. They are our future.

You can see this inter-dependability between children early development and society by how the different generations (Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, X,Y,Z etc) were educated and behave. Want to change society? Change the child educational development between 2 and 6!

This book was especially created when it was discovered that neither bookstores nor other channels supplied materials that specifically addressed character training in a language that children could understand (eg: Story Telling). The Legends of Altai series is a step towards this educational process and is devoted in developing better and more loving human beings." Paolo Tiberi




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