An Important Letter to Parents



Dear Parents,

We all come from different cultural backgrounds,religions, and belief systems. However, the stories in this book can easily be adapted to fit any personal viewpoint. I believe it is better to equip our children with some form of self-awareness, wisdom, and knowledge than none at all.

We live in a society where our children have been unconsciously trained to disassociate themselves from feelings of compassion, empathy, or guilt. False heroes found in most video games, television shows, internet and movies often set this silent training.

Many of our leaders have forgotten that you cannot have a functional, balanced and caring society without functional children, therefore they allow this silent training to be ever present.

In a society where instant gratification has replaced true labour and dedication, children have grown to expect everything immediately. They want instant soup instead of a finely brewed broth, even though the latter is more flavoursome and better for them.

It is sad that we have found ourselves living in a world where success is measured by how many “toys” one possesses. Kids are subtly and passively trained to desire more and more things, and never feel content.

By the time a child has reached 6 years of age, his/her neurological synapses and neuro-pathways have been formed. This neurological map within a child 's brain creates their mindset, attitude and how they will see themselves and others in life. While they gain more experiences, knowledge and wisdom after the age of 6, their character and personality would have already been formed and hardwired in their brain.

It is, therefore, vitally important for adults help shape children's receptive mind and character into one that has values, morals, compassion, empathy, courage and respect.

The future of our society and this planet depends upon this task. We cannot have a healthy and functional society with dysfunctional children. They are our future.

You can see this inter-dependability between children early development and society by how the different generations (Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, X,Y,Z etc) were educated and behave. Want to change society? Change the child educational development between 2 and 6!

This book was especially created when it was discovered that neither bookstores nor other channels supplied materials that specifically addressed character training in a language that children could understand (eg: Story Telling). The Legends of Altai series is a step towards this educational process and is devoted in developing better and more loving human beings.

We do have a way to step in and give our children positive guidance for a more enriching future.

Through your life, your words and actions and through the gifts (like this little book) you give your child, you have the ability to make a positive, profound choice for your child’s life. You can become their beacon of light by teaching them to become loving, caring, and wiser beings. This is what the true gifts of life are about.

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I ask you to help us change society one small child at the time through this little book of wisdom.

I hope that after having read these stories, you will feel that they are worth sharing.


Paolo F. Tiberi




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