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In order to live a fulfilling life, one thing that needs to be clear is who or what is the force in you that is making decisions in your life. To do this we need to understand the power of the subconscious mind.

As a boat without a rudder will float without a direction to self-destruction, a man/woman without an understanding of self is like a ghost, lost in old habits of conformity.

Life can be full of great potentials and lived as a great adventure, but that is not possible until we realize who is in control of our choices and destiny.

The sum of your thoughts are integrated in a grid of perceptions and beliefs that filter how you see yourself, others and life. Everything that you have created in your life until now and every thing you will ever accomplish or will fail to accomplish is the direct result of your own subconscious mind and beliefs.

The way we react and behave to the external world is proportional to the rules and laws we have applied to that world. Once accepted these laws and rules become in our eyes the absolute truth and rarely we come to understand that there are no truth but just interpretations of reality.

We often believe that the experiences in our life are the one that shape the way we think, behave and live but in reality is how we decide to interpret those experiences through our own belief system that will other shape our destiny in a positive or a negative way.

The quote "Old habits die hard" is very relevant here. Our habits are stored in our subconscious mind, and to change those habits, we need a new approach to making change at the subconscious level.

Our subconscious mind processes about 4 billion bits of information per second compared to our conscious mind at about 2,000 bits of information.

With this vastly different power, when the two minds conflict, the subconscious mind almost always "wins" and no amount of "will power" or "trying harder" can prevail. When we align our subconscious mind with our conscious goals, we create a powerful dynamic of performance and achievement.

If you don't change your thinking and therefore rewrite your subconscious mind, your life might change in background but not in substance.

EXAMPLE 1: If you believe that you will never become successful and that no matter what you try you will never succeed, that command will be passed to the subconscious mind and even if you had 5 different opportunities in front of you that will create your desired outcome, you would still not see it. Why? Because within yourself you have made clear that you can't be successful.

EXAMPLE 2: For example, every body loves chocolate but let's say that every time you got chocolate you got people yelling at you. If this behavior persists your conscious mind will direct your sub-conscious mind to believe in the fact that chocolate is related to pain and therefore needs to be avoided or eaten in secret.

The subconscious mind keeps the coherence with all the past beliefs that you installed as laws/program and your life. It follows your orders.

So every time you are faced with a choice your subconscious mind will make sure that you will not make a choice that can conflict with your comfort zones, fears, habits and beliefs. So if your beliefs are limited your life is going to be limited.

These laws programmed in the subconscious mind are like an operating system in a computer. You could have the newest and faster computer (brain) in the all world but if your operating system is just DOS 1.1 you will not be able to do much with it.

Your operating system is always evolving and upgrading itself based on what you believe and think every day in our life. These thoughts and beliefs reinforced every day create an 'Image/Concept of Self' or Alter Ego and an 'Image/Concept of the Outside World' or again an alterated perception of the world.

In the end, how you choose to live your life and what destiny you are developing for yourself is created in every moment by your thoughts and emotions.

The key is to access and engage the unlimited potential that is already present. The gate that often blocks our way to this storehouse of personal power and potential is the limiting conscious and subconscious beliefs we hold. To open this gate and unleash this subconscious power only requires that we install new empowering belief programs and then take the conscious actions that we already know how to do.

Great tools have been developed by Paolo Tiberi's through his NLP, Hypnotherapy, Kinesiology and other powerful methodologies; that gives the opportunity to start changing their life from day one.

One to one Consultations and Life Coaching works individually with people to accomplish specific objectives and remove possibly beliefs that do not serve you any longer.

So what's the difference between consulting and coaching?

One to one Consultations and Life Coaching works individually with people to accomplish specific objectives. What's the difference between consulting and coaching?

Personal consultations are designed to help individuals, couples and families work out issues that stand in the way of their living a more harmonious and balanced life. We explore a variety of ideas and personal growth principles to resolve specific issues, conflicts and problems.


A life coach is a trained professional who helps people assess what they want most from life and how to achieve it. As an intuitive life coach I draw on psychology, management consulting, career counselling, spiritual precepts, motivational training and common sense. My focus is to assist you in your relationship with you. Only by expanding the knowledge of ourselves can we create the energy to affect change in our lives.


Many people aspire to lead a more emotionally, financially, and spiritually fulfilling life, but they are struggling to define the "what" in order to create the "how". A life coach helps people adapt, change, and grow by employing many different "tools" such as spiritual principles, personality assessments and journaling.

Whether your focus is on personal health, relationships, finances, career or life challenge, a life coach can encourage, motivate, and empower you to action. Anything is possible in life and a life coach can help instil you with optimism in working toward making your dreams a reality.

One on one sessions focus on transformation. Sometimes we work from 'the inside-out' and other times from 'the outside-in'. In my coaching I utilize a variety of techniques to respond to whatever is needed at any given moment.



One Hour Life Coaching cost $289 inc. of GST. If you are in Melbourne this can be conducted in person or if interstate or oversease, the session can be conducted by phone.

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